.: Top, Supre | Boots, Public Desire | Rings, Sportsgirl | Wallet, Colette | Boyfriend Jeans, Factorie :.

A simple & casual uni party outfit for those that can't be bothered and want to be comfortable basically. Also, spot the nail polish!! Honestly really liking that shade (it's one of the ones i featured in the last post), would definitely repurchase!

note to self: Please do not eat before a shoot. The bloat feelz.

Tragedy after tragedy... I lost my laptop on the train last week so I had to delay this post until I got it back!! Sorry, hopefully things will return to normal :P 

Next weeks post, I'm tossing between an outfit or a DIY type of thing, what do you think?


alice xx



As you may or may not know, I'm graduated from high school last year, so just this week, I entered into the 'real world'... 

Not that i really study but STUDYING IS GOOD! The best way to motivate me is to basically have the cutest stationery I can find (pretty much everything kikki k) but also reached for that  monochrome-y neutral colour scheme for my basic notebooks and diary haha (old habits die hard...).

Other items I picked up were some neutral nail polishes from The Face Shop, which I have been loving for the fast drying and easy application of the formula :) Been loving the lip balms from The Body Shop, seriously the scents are so delicious, so I stocked up on that too since my lips are forever chapped.. still gotta look good at uni!

Sorry for being missing from the blogging scene coz i've been hit with some killer cold (just my luck) that turned into something even nastier.

Not that I had the best experience, but hey it could've been worse! DEFINITELY loving the more chill uni vibe and keen for the parties hehe. 

may I survive uni...

alice xx



 .: Playsuit, HelloMolly | Heels, Tony Bianco | Necklace (worn as bracelet), Lovisa | Bracelet, Witchery | Rings, Sportsgirl :.

 I fell in love with this playsuit when I was browsing Hello Molly - the flowy and drapey silhouette just screamed elegance and class! And honestly, it was the off shoulder and low back detailing that sold me - I have nothing like this at home so why not? 

Paired this with some silver jewellery pieces [used a necklace as a bracelet] and my new favourite heels. For me, the strappy heels and simple chained details of my bracelets paired with this flowy playsuit really helped create an almost-grecian effect... 

Perfect for a quiet night out with a couple of close friends!

alice xx



 .: Skirt, Paint It Red | Heels, Zu | jewellery, Colette + Diva | clutch, Colette :.

This years Valentines look, thought I'd pair up lace and sequins (my fave combination clearly - refer to past evening looks haha). Finally got a chance to wear this pastel-y sequinned piece I bought quite a while back. One of those 'it's pretty but where/when will I wear it?' items [only because I love wearing black and this piece encompasses pretty much every colour of the rainbow BESIDES from black].

Anyway thought this simple look would be perf for a cute date night xx

Happy Valentines!

alice xx



.: Top, Chicabooti| Shorts, American Apparel | Boots, Public Desire | jewellery, Colette + Sportsgirl + Lovisa | belt, Vintage | bag, Markets :.

HEY! Is that some colour I see? YES! I have finally put together a non-monochrome outfit, a big milestone for Ambrosial Minds (half srs, but srs).

Anyway, I thought these huge shorts and these chunky boots were perfect for each other, kinda got that tough construction worker-y vibe (tough gal for ya!). SO lyrical with my words, I know. Also managed to throw in more colours with my turquoise nails, complimented by that rusty gold and turquoise jewellery... 

So yeahh, baggy shorts, old belt, chunky shoes, and a tattered satchel later.. VOILA!


alice xx



.: Top, Chicabooti | Skirt, Paint It Red | Heels, River Island |clutch, Colette :.

Despite being fairly certain this skirt is supposed to fit the wearer to create a trumpet flare silhouette, I decided to try it out anyway despite my lanky shapeless form, resulting in an odd half trumpet, half a-line composition. But hey, I tried!

As usual, I stuck with my black and white palette (I'm starting to think someone needs to burn my entire closet before I pick up some colour). Basically this is what I wore to family dinner, so I kept it neat and simple, and a little classier (or maybe just longer, you guys decide haha).

Any suggestions for my next post? Starting to think I've neglected this blog to the point of failure. TY to my laziness haha

alice xx



.: Top, Dollygirl Fashion | Shorts, Dollygirl Fashion | 'Build' sandals, Windsor Smith | travel wallet, Colette :.

Finally getting to travel a lot more this year now that my extremely stressful 2014 HSC craze-filled year is over! I'll probably be able to relax a bit more and take more time to find fab locations for these shoots :) 

Here, I'm just wearing a snakeprint top, a twist to the classic simple white cropped, with some white skorts. Pretty simple once again, just a casual party outfit idea. I'm going to make it a goal from now on to get into the habit of accessorising because I really don't wear much jewellery (as you can see), yet I have a whole box sitting on my vanity, piling up from my random jewellery sprees! ugggh! 

alice xx